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  • If you're wondering why there's only a handful of artists here, the reason for that is purely selfish. This isn't meant to be a comprehensive music library and I don't want to add every possible artist. I created the site just for my own use of reading lyrics while listening to music, so the contents are artists that I'm actively listening to.
  • When I started the site, CDs were still a huge thing, and I didn't include disc images or jewel case spine images so that I wasn't making it easy for people to make knockoff CDs. No one really does that anymore, so you might see those pop up in the future. I still love physical media and buy CDs whenever possible...hence why all my purchase links are for the CD.
  • Click the album title to see lyrics (if available). I take pride in the accuracy and obsessive completeness of the lyrics. Except where noted, all the lyrics have been personally and individually verified. That verification is the one thing that sets my site apart from the billions of lyric sites on the internet..most of them have so many lyrics on their site they don't have time to verify them all so there are lots of errors. If you see anything missing or wrong, please email me.
Anthrax Fistful Of Metal
Spreading The Disease
Among The Living (Lyrics Coming Soon)
State Of Euphoria
Perisistence Of Time
Attack Of The Killer B's
Sound Of White Noise
Stomp 442
Volume 8: The Threat Is Real (Lyrics Coming Soon)
We've Come For You All
Worship Music (Lyrics Coming Soon)
For All Kings (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Avenged Sevenfold Sounding The Seventh Trumpet
Warmness On The Soul
Waking The Fallen
City Of Evil
Avenged Sevenfold
Diamonds In The Rough
Hail To The King
The Stage
Baroness First (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Second (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Red (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Third (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Blue (Lyrics Coming Soon)
The Council Waiting For The Pain
The Darlings The Darlings
The New Escape
Made Of Phantoms
Live Attack
Disturbed The Sickness
Ten Thousand Fists
Indestructible (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Asylum (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Lost Children (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Immortalized (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Dragonforce Power Of The Ninja Sword
Valley Of The Damned (Heart)
Valley Of The Damned (Force)
Sonic Firestorm
Inhuman Rampage
Ultra Beatdown (Lyrics Coming Soon)
The Power Within (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Maximum Overload (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Reaching Into Infinity (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Fear Factory Soul Of A New Machine (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Fear Is The Mindkiller (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Demanufacture (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Remanufacture (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Digimortal (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Concrete (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Hatefiles (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Mechanize (Lyrics Coming Soon)
The Industrialist (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Genexus (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Ghost Opus Eponymous
If You Have Ghost
God Forbid Out Of Misery
Reject The Sickness
Better Days
Gone Forever
Constitution Of Treason
Equilibrium (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Huntress Unreleased Songs (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Off With Her Head EP (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Spell Eater (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Starbound Beast (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Static (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Iced Earth Iced Earth
Night Of The Stormrider
Burnt Offerings
Days Of Purgatory
The Dark Saga
Alive In Athens Box Set
Something Wicked This Way Comes
The Melancholy EP
Horror Show
Dark Genesis
The Reckoning EP
The Glorious Burden
The Blessed And The Damned
Overture Of The Wicked (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Framing Armageddon (Lyrics Coming Soon)
The Crucible Of Man (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Dystopia (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Plagues Of Babylon (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Incorruptible (Lyrics Coming Soon)
In Flames Lunar Strain
The Jester Race
Black-Ash Inheritance
The Tokyo Showdown
Reroute To Remain
Trigger EP
Soundtrack To Your Escape
Come Clarity
Mirrors Truth EP
A Sense Of Purpose
Sounds Of A Playground Fading (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Siren Charms (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Battles (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Machine Head Burn My Eyes
The More Things Change
The Burning Red (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Through The Ashes Of Empires
The Blackening
Unto The Locust
Bloodstone & Diamonds
Masked Intruder Love And Other Crimes (Lyrics Coming Soon)
M.I. (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Masked Intruder (Lyrics Coming Soon)
First Offense (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Demo (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Other Releases (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Megadeth Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!
Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? (Lyrics Coming Soon)
So Far, So Good... So What? (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Rust In Peace
Countdown To Extinction
Hidden Treasures
Cryptic Writings
Capitol Punishment
The World Needs A Hero
Still Alive... And Well?
The System Has Failed
United Abominations (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Endgame (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Thirt3en (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Super Collider (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Dystopia (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Meshuggah Psykisk Testbild
Contradictions Collapse (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Destroy Erase Improve
The True Human Design
Rare Trax
I (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Catch 33
obZen (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Koloss (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Pitch Black (Lyrics Coming Soon)
The Violent Sleep Of Reason (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Nevermore Nevermore
The Politics Of Ecstasy
In Memory
Dreaming Neon Black
Dead Heart In A Dead World
Enemies Of Reality
This Godless Endeavor
The Obsidian Conspiracy
No Use For A Name Incognito
Don't Miss The Train
The Daily Grind
¡Leche Con Carne! (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Making Friends
More Betterness
Hard Rock Bottom
Keep Them Confused
All The Best Songs (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Feel Good Record Of The Year (Lyrics Coming Soon)
The Songs Of Tony Sly: A Tribute
Otep Jihad EP
Sevas Tra 7-Track EP
Sevas Tra
Abominations DVD
House Of Secrets
The Ascension
Smash The Control Machine
Atavist (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Hydra (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Generation Doom
Pantera Cowboys From Hell
Vulgar Display Of Power
Far Beyond Driven
The Great Southern Trendkill
Official Live: 101 Proof
Reinventing The Steel
Papa Roach
Getting Away With Murder
The Paramour Sessions
Time For Annihilation (Lyrics Soon)
The Connection (Lyrics Coming Soon)
F.E.A.R. (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Crooked Teeth (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Rage Against The Machine Rage Against The Machine
Evil Empire
The Battle Of Los Angeles
Shadows Fall Somber Eyes To The Sky
Of One Blood
Destroyer Of Senses EP
The Art Of Balance
The War Within
Fallout From The War
Threads Of Life (Coming Soon)
Retribution (Coming Soon)
Slipknot Mate, Feed, Kill, Repeat
Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses
All Hope Is Gone (Lyrics Coming Soon)
The Gray Chapter (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Strung Out
System Of A Down Miscellaneous/Rare Tracks
System Of A Down
Steal This Album!
Tool Opiate
10,000 Days
Weird Al Yankovic Weird Al Yankovic (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Weird Al In 3-D (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Dare To Be Stupid (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Polka Party (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Even Worse (Lyrics Coming Soon)
UHF (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Off The Deep End (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Alapalooza (Lyrics Coming Soon)
Bad Hair Day
Running With Scissors
Poodle Hat
Straight Outta Lynwood
Mandatory Fun (Lyrics Coming Soon)