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1. Behind Space (4:54)
2. Lunar Strain (4:05)
3. Starforsaken (3:09)
4. Dreamscape (3:45)
5. Everlost [Part 1] (4:16)
6. Everlost [Part 2] (2:57)
7. Hårgålaten (2:26)
8. In Flames (5:33)
9. Upon An Oaken Throne (2:49)
10. Clad In Shadows (2:53)



Call me by my astral name
Breeding fear through wordless tounge

Heavenly thirst, unspeakable pain
Emptied from all human motion
Confront the faceless wrath

Beckoning silent from a sphere behind space
Through twisted ruins of uncompleted dreams
Sights of towers reaching for the moon
Clawing at the skies, they gonna pull it down

Intensity - I feel the lava rushing through my veins
Stars are reforming to enter the fourth dimension

Beyond all galaxies
Through timeless eons of frost

Unearthly hunger - angels descent

We are entering dimensions behind space...

Beyond all galaxies
Through timeless eaons of frost

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For there is a purpose and reason
Beyond all human apprehension
The shrieking silence in the blackness of space

For there is a knowledge more complex
Than life on this planet
A knowledge in tune with the progress of stars

Lunar Strain
All across the milky way
Life suffers defeat
Life that once were treasured

What once was nothing
Has blossomed into form
Once it was I that was nothing
But now they say I will die

All across the galaxy
Life suffers defeat
Lunar Strain

From nothingless to reality, as we see it
From nothingless to life
My dismal tears of anguish
Bleed into one with the songs
One with the songs of my heaven
Loneliness in pain

Emptiness his power, loneliness his pain
Serenity his might
Yet we shall be honoured
In the starforsaken night

(Buncha fuckin growling, unintelligable)

Astral strain
All around my silent moon
Life suffers defeat
Astral strain

For there is a purpose and reason
Beyond all human apprehension
The shrieking silence in the blackness of space

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Whipped in the eye by the sand
Malicious always have light of day obscured
The sun has burned my skin
Open wounds are licked by sand

To be punished by this vortex of scorn

Wrists and ankles are chained upon this land
Drawn through the desert to be their fucking sacrifice

So this is my golgatha, so this is my grave
The thieves, the liars, the hypocrit scum
I'd slay them, if I only could

The endless sand, the blackest land
A cyclone of spinecrushing anger meant for me
The overlords of the desert, not one was meant to be
All human force now flee
Rules of anatomy lost, rage into the extreme

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Lights are dim
My tearful windows
Through which no emotions pass
Starvation of senses claws my soul

Answer me
Are these walls my only shelter
From the bleeding atmosphere
Take me from this lands

"I deliver thee from this agony
A storm to cleanse thee"
Mine is the right to be
Malestrom of the everlost

This is the curse of temple station
All is dark
All but one aspect of life
To be shackled in a shell, so misleading

"These are the shells bestowed upon me"
Let me pass into the darkened of the midnight
There is no light

The sounds, faceless the lights and
Hands tear apart, dissolve possessions
You alone can take my soul...take flight

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Through seven songs of rejoice
His name relives his solar voice

Falling into the unknown
(Falling) Yet he shall feel no harm

Lights shine upon his face
Night exists no longer

In unknown colours they confront him
In soundless tongue they speak his name
Moonred - reaching for life through eternity
Starblack - the brooding silence it frightens me
The brooding silence frightens me

One elderly custom in timeless guise
In ceremonies of old, one dove now flies

Fly through time

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Behold the heart of mine in flames

A top the highest mountain
Below the darkest depths
In the walley of hate I wander
My frost bitten heart is set ablaze, set ablaze

Ravage my soul
Plunder my mind
Branded by thunder, fire and ice
Trampled in fury by hordes of the light
I am crushed by the hand of my sky

My sky has forsaken me
Rivers of crimson lead me now

Trail of fire

In a place of fire ethernal
Left in flames

Scattered in a world of thorns
Torn from my earthly self
Aggreived in tears and bitterness
I fall beyond stars, beyond stars

They ravage my soul
They plundered my mind
I was branded by thunder, fire and ice
Trampled in fury by hordes of the light
And my firey heart is stronger than ever
It's stronger than ever before

My heart in flames

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"I see the deadly nightshade grow" he spoke
And southern hounds awoke at dawn
Sought for the ever-liquid of our craving
Caught by the all embracing nightly sun
Admass - I laugh at your feeble lies - trash

Hatred in my eyes and in my blood
I scream across the fields - the rivers weep
A vanquished lord upon an oaken throne (throne)
Grief inside my flame - grasp at my existence
The seal of dawn is broken - fury

A windswept thought
Out in the perimeter where laughts are
No longer heard, screams no longer seen
And life is always lost

Gaze into the skies for they are blind
Blinded by the nightshade of our lust
Grinded to dust
The wolves are here

The beast of the savage lands
They drink my blood
They feast upon my remains
The tears in their eyes betry


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Reach for your razor, cut through the dawn
See through your inner wrath, keys shan't open the doors

Behold my heart has stopped
My lungs are laid the final rest
And still I see and do I feel
Yes, but to earthly eyes I am gone
To the land where legends never die
Take me to the twilight land tonight

Again and again and again, every night
The darkness climbs through my walls
Ever screaming silent to the corrupted ears

Never to any man I will spear
My speach it has no value
Eyes that have seen the sights
Bleed through the ages eternal

I ask no more
A life has just begun
Never will I see the sun
And do I miss it
No, my eyes are black
Emotions fled through eyelids closed
Throne of thorns

Clad in shadows

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